Simtrol Raises the Bar in Learning Environments  

The Challenge

Schools around the world are constantly striving to better engage and educate their students.  Innovative technology – including interactive whiteboards, projectors, and distance learning equipment – is being rapidly deployed in K-12 classrooms, college lecture halls, corporate training rooms, and other learning environments to make the educational mission more attainable.   

Outside of the classroom, schools and campuses are undergoing large technology transformations.  Digital signage, security cameras, emergency response systems, access control systems, and other communications technologies are being installed to improve the communication flow, safety and efficiency of school operations.

Within the classroom, educators, teachers, and the public want to know that technology is being used to drive student performance rather than simply entertain or distract students.

Billions of dollars are being spent on these innovative technologies.  Yet little focus is spent on providing instructional leaders, school administrators, IT staffs, and teachers with tools to cost-effectively manage and integrate these technologies.  That’s where Simtrol comes in.

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